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Cox’s Bazar Bangladesh


Cox’s Bazar has the potential to be a great tourist destination . . . → Read More: Cox’s Bazar Bangladesh

Some Amazing golf courses


Not all golf courses are equal, and here’s a few that really test your mettle . . . → Read More: Some Amazing golf courses

Kingston Jamaica


If you have a liking for mild food then Kingston may not be the city for you . . . → Read More: Kingston Jamaica

Pernstjen Picturesque Castle in the Czech Republic


It is mostly thanks to its location that it has never been conquered in its 800 year history . . . → Read More: Pernstjen Picturesque Castle in the Czech Republic

Kilwa Kisiwani Tanzania


Kilwa Kisiwani was the single most important trading centre on the East African coast . . . → Read More: Kilwa Kisiwani Tanzania

No mistaking this Frankfurt


It can truthfully be described as a vibrant and multicultural metropolis . . . → Read More: No mistaking this Frankfurt

Litchfield Termite Mounds


Their societies are divided up into different castes, which each type of caste having a particular role within the mound . . . → Read More: Litchfield Termite Mounds

East Africa by Public Bus


They operate point-to-point services so they are not local buses as such . . . → Read More: East Africa by Public Bus

Geneva Switzerland


It shoots water an amazing 140 metres into the sky . . . → Read More: Geneva Switzerland

Behold the Boeing 737


A 737 lands or takes off every two seconds somewhere in the world and they comprise about one quarter of all large commerce aircraft flying today . . . → Read More: Behold the Boeing 737

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