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Purling Brook Falls


The falls have a drop of 109 metres . . . → Read More: Purling Brook Falls

World’s biggest IKEA store


At 55,200 square metres (594,000 sq ft) is it an enormous building . . . → Read More: World’s biggest IKEA store

Lisbon Lingers


One of the great pleasures of visiting the city is to wander through the historic neighbourhoods of central Lisbon . . . → Read More: Lisbon Lingers

Fantasy of Flight Orlando, Florida


It is not merely a static display of lovely and interesting old aircraft, it is a place where you can see the aircraft in flight . . . → Read More: Fantasy of Flight Orlando, Florida

Adelaide River Jumping Crocodiles


you can really appreciate the massive size of the crocs as they leap just a few feet in front of you . . . → Read More: Adelaide River Jumping Crocodiles

Pichi Richi Railway


As the train navigates its way up the steep, curving gradients you can feel the locomotive working hard at near maximum power . . . → Read More: Pichi Richi Railway

Motorbikes Galore at Sturgis South Dakota


It is one of the best attended motorcycle rallies in the world . . . → Read More: Motorbikes Galore at Sturgis South Dakota

Road trip across Australia – Day 10 Teesdale


The Bellarine Peninsular is located on the western side of Port Philip Bay, and extends around past the head of the Bay to Bass Strait . . . → Read More: Road trip across Australia – Day 10 Teesdale

More ridiculous airline charges


Yes, that’s right, if you need to chat to the person at the check-in counter, you will pay for the privilege . . . → Read More: More ridiculous airline charges

Al-Hasa Saudi Arabia


It is an extraordinary oasis which extends for about 20,000 hectares and gives nourishment to over three million palm trees . . . → Read More: Al-Hasa Saudi Arabia

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