Titlis Cliff Walk Switzerland

tlsclfThere is certainly much impressive scenery in Switzerland, and the Swiss are world champions at making their fantastic views accessible. When it comes to mountain engineering the Swiss are quite superb, and have built wonderfully scenic roads, fantastic mountain railways and amazing tunnels, which obviously don’t offer much of a view, but which do allow you to traverse the mountains in a rapid, safe and interesting way.

The newest Swiss mountain attraction is a fantastic suspension bridge, which claims to be Europe’s highest, which is located in the Titlis Glacier Park.

Mount Titlis reaches a height of 3,238 m (10,623 ft). It is located in the Urner Alps near the town of Engelberg, which is south of Lake Lucerne. The mountain is very close to the geographical centre of Switzerland. It is the highest mountain in this region of the Alps and is a popular ski area.

The region has an extensive cable car system, and also boasts having the world’s first revolving cable car. The final journey to the mountain is impressive as it crosses one of the glaciers which dot the mountain, and there is an illuminated ice cave near the entrance to the mountain cable station.

The latest attraction is called the Titlis Cliff Walk, and it can be a perilous journey for those who are not comfortable with heights.

The Titlis Cliff Walk is a suspension bridge that connects two points that are 9,000 feet above sea level. From the bridge, visitors get to see the indomitable beauty of south-facing Mount Titlis and can look down 1,600 feet into the abyss below.

On a good day, the view is magnificent and you can even see a bit of Italy off in the distance. On a mountainside, particularly in winter, not every day is good. The Swiss are very punctual people, so when they had a massive snowstorm during the official opening ceremony they went ahead anyway, and a few hardy souls even ventured out onto the bridge in the blizzard.

Construction had its challenges and a mountain construction company started the bridge construction work in July 2012, taking just five months to complete it. The project was estimated to cost $1.6 million and cable cars were employed to transport most of the materials needed for the construction. Helicopter services were deployed to transport bigger material.
The Titlis Cliff Walk suspension bridge is 320 feet (100 metres) long and just 3 feet ( 1 metre) wide and has been designed to be able to carry an additional weight of 500 tonnes of snow. For the nervous at heart, the bridge does oscillate (sway) when you walk on it, making your journey very interesting indeed.

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