Tallest Mountains in Australia

Australia is not actually renowned for its mountains, particularly as it is the flattest of the continents. The Great Dividing Range, which runs for the full length of the eastern coast of Australia, is the world’s third longest mountain range stretching for more than 3,500 kilometres (2,175 miles). In all that distance it has no mighty monoliths which soar skyward. Most people in Australia wouldn’t even know the names of the tallest mountains in each state or territory, but as this is the sort of unimportant trivia in which I take and interest, here is the list of the highest points in each state and territory of Australia.

Mount Kosciuszko, Highest mountain in New South Wales and Australia – height 2,228 metres (7,310 ft), located in the Snowy Mountains region of south eastern New South Wales and the easiest to summit of all the highest mountains on the seven continents – it’s just an easy 8 kilometre stroll from the nearest carpark.

Mount Bimberi, Australian Capital Territory – 1,912 m (6,273 ft) in Namadgi National Park, bush walking trails lead to the summit.

Mount Bogong, Victoria – height 1,600 metres (5,200 ft) and located in the Alpine National Park. There are many routes up Mount Bogong for hikers, such as Staircase Spur, Eskdale Spur, Granite Flat Spur, Long Spur, Duane Spur, and Quartz Ridge. All involve a climb of more than 600 metres (2,000 ft).

Mount Bartle Frere, Queensland – 1,622 m (5,322 ft) located in the far north of Queensland just south of Cairns in Wooroonooran National Park. Covered in rain forest receiving an annual average rainfall of around 8,000 millimetres (310 inches) making it one of the wettest places in Australia.

Mount Ossa, Tasmania – 1,617 metres (5,305 ft) located in the spectacularly beautiful Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park. A strenuous day’s walk through rugged terrain with very changeable weather means that you must be well prepared to trek to Mount Ossa.

Mount Woodroffe, South Australia – 1,435 m (4,708 ft) part of the Musgrave Ranges in the far northwest of the state. Very remote and located in Aboriginal lands so a permit is required to visit it.

Mount Zeil, Northern Territory – 1,531 m (5,023 ft) situated in the western McDonnell Ranges of central Australia. It is the highest mainland peak to be found west of the Great Dividing Range.

Mount Meharry, Western Australia – 1,249 m (4,098 ft) is located in the Hamersley Range in the Pilbara region and is part of the spectacular Karijini National Park. The summit can be reached by a 4WD vehicle navigating unsealed roads.

Mawson Peak, Heard Island – 2,745 m (9,006 ft). Heard Island is a remote island that is part of Australian territory in the Southern Ocean close to Antarctica. Mawson Peak forms part of the Big Ben massif, which is an active volcano.

Mount McClintock, Australian Antarctic Territory – 3,490 m (11,450 ft) part of the Britannia Range on the Antarctic mainland.

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