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Minneapolis city of major fun

If it appears that the streets are a tad empty, that’s because the pedestrian are above you, one storey in the air enjoying the glass-encased series of pedestrian tunnels called skyways . . . → Read More: Minneapolis city of major fun

Amazonian Golf Course Iquitos Peru

It is the only course in the world where golfers are issued a machete to carry in their golf bag . . . → Read More: Amazonian Golf Course Iquitos Peru

Some Amazing golf courses

Not all golf courses are equal, and here’s a few that really test your mettle . . . → Read More: Some Amazing golf courses

World’s Longest Golf Links

It is an 18-hole par 72 course that is a mere 1,365 kilometres in length . . . → Read More: World’s Longest Golf Links

Huon Valleyfor travellers

It’s recommended that if you are traveling by car then you follow the Huon Valley Trail . . . → Read More: Huon Valleyfor travellers

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