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Loire Valley Gardens

It is home to 110,000 square metres of gardens, water species, greenhouses, and has a succession of 40 attractions and activities . . . → Read More: Loire Valley Gardens

Montpelier city with a future

it is the perfect place to stroll to enjoy the window shopping, or just to sit in a cafe and watch life pass by . . . → Read More: Montpelier city with a future

Arrondissements of Paris

Within the heart of Paris you will find the famous monuments, beautiful streets and boulevards, cultural palaces, exquisite boutiques and restaurants . . . → Read More: Arrondissements of Paris

Mont St Michel Normandy

The islet supports a massive Gothic-style Benedictine abbey, Romanesque church and village . . . → Read More: Mont St Michel Normandy

Palace of Fontainebleau France

One fine example of the lengths that France’s Royals went to in order live a sumptuous lifestyle is the Palace of Fontainebleau . . . → Read More: Palace of Fontainebleau France

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